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Blue River PetCare honors National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month with NOMV’s Race Around the World

CHICAGO (October 12, 2022)–Blue River PetCare (BRP) focused on wellness across its network of veterinary hospitals throughout the month of September, in honor of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. BRP sponsored team members across the organization to participate in Not One More Vet’s annual Race Around the World fundraiser while also offering support to NOMV as a platinum sponsor for the event.

NOMV is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing mental health resources and reducing the suicide rate among veterinary professionals. Its programs offer grants, peer support, mentorship, and educational programs to address wellbeing in veterinary medicine.

With over 170 veterinary hospitals, Blue River PetCare understands the importance of wellbeing in the veterinary practice and supports NOMV’s mission. A total of 65 teams participated in the Race Around the World, comprising of 412 teammates across the Blue River network, covering 29,255 miles, which is over one lap around the world.

“We want to promote happy, healthy teams in the veterinary practice,” said Director of Clinical Development, Dr. Jordan Vendramin, “by offering several programs to not only address the issues we see frequently in veterinary medicine, like burnout and compassion fatigue but also giving them the tools they need to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.”

The Clinical Development team at Blue River PetCare offers numerous programs that not only focus on technical skills, but also personal development like leadership, mentorship, communication, and other important skills for clinical team members across the Blue River organization.

To further the wellbeing resources available to Blue River’s clinical team members, the Clinical Development team plans to launch its new Stress Management webinar series for hospitals in 2023. This series will help build greater awareness of how stress functions in our lives and how we can grow from it. The webinar will explore the differences between healthy and toxic stress, identify some of its common causes, and offer practical tools during stressful situations.

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Blue River PetCare is a growing community of veterinary practices and dedicated professionals working together to better the lives of the patients we treat and those who love them. Learn more by visiting, or following us on social media @blueriverpetcare.

About Not One More Vet

NOMV’s mission is to transform the status of mental wellness within the profession so veterinary professionals can survive and thrive through education, resources, and support. Donations can be made by visiting Follow them on social media @notonemorevet or visit them online at

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