Want to Keep Practicing
Medicine, But Without
the Business Burden?

Request a private valuation from Blue River PetCare,
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Simple, Private Valuation
Process. Seamless Transition.

And that’s just the beginning. When joining the
Blue River PetCare family, your veterinary hospital
will receive key operational support, so you and
your team can focus on what’s truly important:
providing exceptional care to your patients,
the same way you always have.


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Want to Keep Practicing Medicine, But Without the Business Burden?

Who We Are

Blue River PetCare is a supportive, veterinarian-friendly family of hospitals that offers solutions for practice owners who want to reduce the stress of ownership or whose goals or priorities in life have changed. Focused on providing exceptional patient care, we are committed to ensuring that each hospital in the Blue River PetCare family receives the operational support they need to grow and thrive. Each hospital is encouraged to continue practicing veterinary medicine the same way they always have and to maintain their own individual culture.

Why Sell to Blue River PetCare

Not only is the valuation process private and straightforward, but your practice and your clients will experience a seamless ownership transition. You can continue to run your hospital the way you always have, but with the support of an experienced team of professionals who are ready to provide assistance as requested in key operational areas. Our hands-off approach means you’ll retain full say over the way you practice veterinary medicine, so you and your team can provide the level of exceptional care your patients deserve and your clients expect. Your hospital will also retain its individual culture and protocols, allowing you and your team to further build upon the strong legacy you’ve established in your community. And if you’re looking for a change, we can help you with that as well.

Our Mission

At Blue River PetCare, our mission is to foster the growth and development of the veterinarians, support teams, and hospitals within the Blue River PetCare family, while providing a collaborative environment and smooth transition for selling owners of high-quality veterinary hospitals. We honor the unique culture of each individual practice and are committed to investing in what sets us apart—our culture and our people.

"My wife and I sold our veterinary practice to BRP, and I continue to enjoy practicing after the transaction. BRP helped relieve the anxiety we had about continuing the legacy we had worked so hard to build over 35 years. BRP has done what they said they would do and have been good partners to us."

Dr. Kenneth WilliamsHeights Veterinary Clinic, Houston, TX

The transaction went very smoothly. Everyone at Blue River was up front and honest through the entire process and they continue to be great to work with. We’ve been with BRP for almost 2 years, and continue to believe we found the best possible buyer for our practice.

Drs. Terry and Carol PittsPitts Veterinary Hospital, Lincoln, NE

Blue River Pet Care was by far the most professional of the several buyers I considered when selling my practice. They have supplied resources to make improvements to the hospital itself as well as enabling us to buy cutting edge equipment. Our clients have no idea the practice was sold as the transition was seamless. Blue River does not mandate how we practice and has kept all their promises made to us. The hospital has grown since acquisition as we continue to practice the way we always have.

Dr. Rick NurseMoore Veterinary Hospital, St. Clair Shores, MI

We chose BRP because of their hands off style of management and track record of staff retention. We did not lose a single staff member or client after the transition. BRP has helped us through issues such as recruitment of a new veterinarians, employee terminations, establishment of our discovered microchip policy, and others. Their responsiveness to calls and emails has been unbelievably prompt.

Ben Trogdon, Hospital AdministratorNipomo Dog & Cat Hospital, Nipomo, CA

The sale process with the Blue River team was as smooth as anyone could ask for. Blue River has impressed me with their support and care for each practice. This is evident at their annual meetings which include a fun learning environment for medical directors and practice managers. They have a hands off attitude allowing practices to continue being successful. Blue River's team of intelligent, innovative, and caring professionals has been a pleasure to work with.

Dr. Kim CrawfordChatfield Veterinary Hospital, Littleton, CO

I took a chance and replied to an email inquiry from BRP. After the initial meeting with Dan and Roy, I knew they were not like the others. My hospital could keep everything the same and the clients would not see any difference in overall quality and care. As it turned out, this was true. I can’t imagine the stress I would have gone through if I had sold to someone else. BRP guided me through the process and made the transition as smooth as it could have gone.

Dr. Doreen Comrie-BristolRogue Valley Veterinary Clinic, Rockford, MI

We sold our practice to BRP after entertaining offers from several other groups. We chose BRP because of the relationship we formed with Dan, Roy and Ferdie. Knowing that we would stay and work in the practice, we were strongly attracted to BRP's philosophy of letting the practice operate as it always had. It’s been a few years and everything has gone exceptionally well.

Dr. Craig NausleyBriarcrest Veterinary Care Center, Tucson, AZ

Prior to the selling my clinic, BRP promised not to change how we practiced medicine or our practice culture. I continue to practice for BRP and can say that they have been true to their word and not interfered with how we practice. Very few of our clients even know that the practice has been sold. I would recommend BRP to anyone that is considering selling their practice.

Dr. Ron GuzmanRiverside Park Veterinary Clinic, Grants Pass, OR