The Benefits of Selling to Blue River PetCare?

Alleviating these business burdens means you and your team can focus on what matters most—providing exceptional care to your patients and compassionate service to your clients.

Selling to Blue River PetCare means that you can continue to run your hospital the way you always have, but with the assistance of a collaborative group of industry professionals and a family of hospitals who share best practices. You’ll retain full say over the way you practice veterinary medicine, so you and your team can keep providing the level of exceptional care your patients deserve and your clients expect. Our hands-off approach also honors your hospital’s individual culture and protocols.

All practices within the Blue River PetCare family receive support as requested in key operational areas, all with the aim of reducing the headaches associated with running a veterinary practice. Our dedicated team members, many of whom have years of clinical veterinary experience, offer assistance in:


You can request support to lessen the burden of back-office activities

Human Resources

You can ask for assistance with HR issues, such as employee terminations and retention of veterinarians and staff


You can receive help with developing or refining your practice marketing plans


You’ll obtain resources and capital investments for enhanced diagnostics and more comprehensive service offerings for your clients

Professional Development

Your team will be offered opportunities for continuing education and training as well as for fostering professional growth


You can request help with recruitment of new team members

The Blue River PetCare Difference

When it comes to the best veterinary acquisition groups, Blue River PetCare is at the top of the list for owners who are looking for operational support for their hospitals but want to keep practicing medicine the same way they always have. Embracing each hospital’s individual culture is a key part of our core values. Across our family of hospitals, we encourage the professional growth of all team members and are committed to providing exceptional patient care. We offer:

  • A simple, straightforward, and private valuation process
  • Seamless ownership transition
  • Support and collaboration in key areas from an experienced team of industry professionals
  • Full autonomy over all medical decisions left to each hospital’s leadership team