An Acquisition Process Based on Your Practice’s Unique Needs

Confidential Veterinary Practice Valuations, Seamless Transitions

Committed to providing the industry’s most user-friendly acquisition process, our collaborative approach provides a seamless transition for selling owners who are looking to alleviate the burdens of practice ownership. Our goal is to work alongside each practice owner to create a custom transition plan, unique to their individual practice’s needs,

Understanding Your Goals & Practice Needs

During our initial visit, we will spend time discussing the long-term goals you have for yourself and your practice, as well as sharing a bit more about what Blue River has to offer. Understanding the needs of your practice and how it operates allows our team to build a custom offer and transition plan that’s right for you.

Initial Information Request

We provide you with a short information/data request that will help us understand the recent operational and financial performance of your practice. We may have a few follow-up questions for you on what you send us; and after those are answered, we complete our valuation work.

Preliminary Offer

Using the information you shared about your practice and personal goals during our initial call, as well as the operational and financial data you provided, our team will create a tailored offer for your consideration. Our offer will outline the terms on which we propose to acquire your practice, including the purchase price, structure of transaction, terms of the facility lease, and how we would anticipate compensating you after the transaction. In addition to the terms of the offer, we will also work with you to determine how our team can best support your practice following the sale, including professional development opportunities for your team members and comprehensive operational support for the continued practice success.

Working with Your Team

We know how important your staff is to you and your practice, and we also understand the potential anxiety that your team might experience when you are considering a sale. Following the acceptance of our offer, we work with you to develop a comfortable timeline for introducing your staff to the Blue River team. It is important to a successful transition that we gain their trust and confidence, ensuring your team members are not only comfortable with the change of ownership, but understand that we are there to support their professional growth and development.

Due Diligence

In addition to meeting with you and your staff, we analyze additional data on your practice and make sure we have a mutually agreeable plan for the practice moving forward. We work with your legal advisor to finalize transaction documents, including the purchase agreement, facility lease, employment agreements and any other documents.


We work with you to transition vendor accounts, benefit plans, and bank accounts. Our goal post-transaction is for the hospital to operate just as it had prior to the transaction, with the same staff, same way of practicing medicine, and the same culture and connection to the community that you have worked so hard to build.

Explore a Sale to Blue River PetCare

Blue River PetCare provides an acquisition path that’s friendly, respectful, and collaborative. If you’re looking for options to secure the future of your practice, staff, and legacy, we’d love to hear from you.