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A Seamless Transition Customized for Your Practice

Whether your ultimate goal is to alleviate the administrative burdens of practice ownership and get back to medicine, or to smoothly transition away from the practice to begin your next chapter, Blue River PetCare can help. Just as each acquisition is custom-tailored to meet the individual needs of selling owners, each practice within the Blue River family receives individualized, collaborative support focused on the key operational areas that will benefit them the most.

Preservation of Legacy & Practice Culture

Selling to Blue River PetCare ensures your legacy and the professional growth of your team while providing seamless continuity and peace of mind to those you serve. Blue River is founded upon a commitment to honoring the unique connection each practice holds with their community and does not rebrand or change the culture of clinics that join the Blue River family.

Complete Medical

While many of our team members have years of clinical veterinary experience, we believe strongly that patient care protocols and medical decisions should be left to the professionals. For this reason, each of the veterinarians and clinical teams across the Blue River family are encouraged to care for their patients as they see fit, retaining full medical autonomy following a sale.

Support for Success

Blue River PetCare provides back-office support that lets our practices focus on their patients. Delivering excellent care is easier when you have dedicated operational and business resources backing you up. Our dedicated team members, many of whom have years of clinical veterinary experience, offer personalized support that is unique to each practice in Accounting, HR, Marketing, Operations, Payroll, Professional Development, and Recruiting.


Behind-the-scenes financial management support from a team of accounting professionals.


Operational support from an experienced team focused on helping your clinic grow and thrive.

Human Resources

Human resource systems and partners that support both the practice and the staff


Dedicated marketing support — from custom marketing plans to graphic design and everything in between.


Full-time recruiting support that partners with your local team to help your practice attract top-tier veterinarians and support staff.


Payroll systems and dedicated support team to alleviate payroll processing and management tasks.

Benefits of Joining the Blue River PetCare Community

Freedom from the Burdens of Business Ownership

Practices within the Blue River family recieve dedicated back-office support that allows selling owners the chance to get back to medicine, or smoothly transition away from the practice to begin their next chapter.

Personal Financial Security

Blue River offers custom acquisition plans designed to assist selling owners in achieving their personal financial goals and securing their future.

Preservation of Legacy & Clinic Culture

Each practice within the Blue River family is unique. We believe strongly in honoring the legacy of each practice through continuity of culture and retention of individual clinic branding.

Career Growth & Development Opportunities for Team Members

Our Clinical Development team is dedicated to ensuring clinical team members across the BRP family have the courses and tools they need to continue to further their education and expand thier careers.

Capital Investments for Expanded Medical Services

As part of the Blue River family, practices have access to additional capital to invest in the equipment needed to expand their services and provide additional care to the patients in their local communities.

Support & Camaraderie within the Blue River Community

Extending beyond the walls of a single practice, members of the Blue River community can connect with veterinary peers from across the country via the Blue River Portal and through year-round CE events, Clinical Development programs, the Blue River Annual Conference, and more!

Explore a Sale to Blue River PetCare

Blue River PetCare provides an acquisition path that’s friendly, respectful, and collaborative. If you’re looking for options to secure the future of your practice, staff, and legacy, we’d love to hear from you.